From 6 up to 14 weeks We offer scans as early as 6 weeks for reassurance in the early stages of pregnancy. Whilst most pregnancies don’t experience any problems, there are a small percentage that can be complicated by pain or bleeding, are ectopic or, sadly, end in miscarriage. As experts in pregnancy ultrasound, our sonographers are highly skilled and are able to offer trans-abdominal scans. We do not offer internal scans. During your ultrasound we will inform you the gestational age of the pregnancy, the number of babies you’re carrying and an estimated due date. After your scan, you will be given an ultrasound report and two printed images of your baby.

If you attend a scan knowing you are less than 6 weeks you will not qualify for the £20 re scan your next scan will be changed at the full price of £45


Twins is charged at an additional £20 due to double scan time and photos

We offer gender scans from as little as 14 weeks!
Twin/multiple pregnancies carry an additional £20 charge as you get double photos
99% accurate gender confirmation
Includes 4D/HD live imaging peek of baby
4 printed images of your baby

Are you having a gender reveal?

We provide gender reveal options including:

Secret envelope – if you want to keep your baby’s gender a secret until your gender reveal (free of charge)
We offer different gender reveal packages which can be found on our Products page

In the rare event that we’re unable to determine gender during your appointment, we will agree another time for you to visit at no extra cost.
Please note that ultrasound alone will never be 100% accurate in determining the sex of your baby. However, with a combined 20+ years of obstetric experience, we pride ourselves on our high accuracy rates.
Please also note that we request mothers to attend with a full bladder.


Twins is charged at an additional £20 due to double scan time and photos

We offer this scan between 28 and 40 weeks. We will assess the growth of the baby by taking full biometry measurements and estimating the weight of the baby at the time of the scan. We will also measure the liquor volume and show you a peek of your baby in 4D/HD LIVE! Your package includes: Full report 4 x images Gender identification if requested 4D/HD LIVE peek


Twins is charged at an additional £20 due to double scan time and photos

We offer a 4D/HD LIVE imaging scans, the realist images of babies from within the womb! From 26-33 weeks! See your baby smile, laugh, yawn and wriggle about with our amazing 4D/HD LIVE technology! This package includes 8 x photos All colour images/video snippets taken throughout your scan emailed ADD a heartbeat bear of your choice for just £20!! A free re scan if good images cannot be achieved the first time! (Please be aware not all babies are posers! BMI, fluid around the baby, position of the placenta, position of baby can all affect image quality!) Additionally, if you would like to know the sex of your baby, please let your sonographer know.


Twins is charged at an additional £20 due to double scan time and photos

V.I.B (very important baby) package
Early scan from 6-14 weeks
Gender scan from 14-40 weeks
4D/HD LIVE scan from 26 weeks
Heartbeat teddy
Save £45
Must be paid in full when you book first scan

Available from 14-40 Weeks
4x Photos
4D Colour Peek Of baby
All Photos/Video Snippets Emailed
Heartbeat Teddy